Vivo Y33s – Best Value For Your Money

Vivo Y33s is the hottest handset launched by the Vivo company. The handset comes loaded with the Google Android OS 2.3 Jelly Bean and is one of the first smartphones to come with the Sailfish operating system. Users can avail the device at attractive free gift options and can buy the phone at Vodafone, Virgin, O2, T-Mobile and Orange colors. The handset offers a complete range of features for smart mobile users, which are:

With a sophisticated and elegant design, the Vivo Y33s looks similar to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro but packs a punch. Users can get more than their money’s worth with this stylish handset when they buy the Vivo Y33s and enjoy the benefits of Android ecosystem on their mobile phone. The Vivo Y33s comes loaded with a gorgeous 4.2 inch WXGA capacitive display that offers a bright and sharp picture quality. vivo y33s

The handset comes with a sleek and slim design that makes it perfect for an outdoor environment. The Vivo Y33s runs on the latest and advanced version of the Android operating system, so it provides an easy and enjoyable user experience. The handset comes with a smooth and soft exterior and comes in attractive colors such as blue, sand and gold. The vivid color display offers bright and vibrant imagery, which is especially useful for office use. The handset has a large memory space that stores the user’s information and data, such as email, contacts and music. The vivo y33s also comes with a powerful dual camera, which allows the user to capture both front and back images.

The two cameras on the handset to allow the user to take shots of both sides of the subject, enabling them to take pictures of multiple subjects with clarity. To add style and functionality to the phone, the rear camera has an animated effect, so you can really enjoy taking pictures of your family and loved ones. The price of the phone is very competitive and affordable for anyone who wishes to buy the Vivo Y 33s. With a vibrant screen and robust hardware, the price cannot be beaten. With a long battery life and robust camera, the cost can hardly be expected to increase further.

The phone comes with a free service and plenty of downloadable apps from Google Play and the Samsung Apps Store, so users have all their favorite apps at their disposal. These apps offer features such as currency converters, news, weather, sports updates and a lot more. The vivo y33s also comes with a high definition camera with optical zoom as well as a night vision mode, which lets you take photos in dim light by adjusting the level of light available. In addition to these features, the phone comes with various customizable functions, so users can add anything they might need to make their experience more enjoyable.

The phone comes with two memory banks, so users do not need to worry about limited internal storage space. It comes with a huge memory space, which can be expanded using the micro SD card that is included in the package. Users have plenty of memory space to store all their favorite pictures, so they don’t miss out on any of the precious moments. Moreover, the Vivo Y 33s comes with an intuitive interface that allows it to be simple and easy to operate, thanks to the virtual keypad and the keyboard which comes as a part of the package.

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